Microlab SOLO 19 Stereo System

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SOLO 19/ 2.0/ 200W RMS (40+60*2W) with Bluetooth/ Optical/ Coaxial, AUX

The Solo line is the flagship of the Microlab brand, which has received universal recognition and become the benchmark of multimedia acoustics in the class of available devices.

The power of the sound in the new Solo series is implemented with the help of a modern class D digital amplifier built on the TAS5342L chip.

The elements of the speakers are made of modern polymers, fabrics (midrange) and silk (twitter), which provides the best acoustic performance.

The system supports Bluetooth 4.0 technology, it is equipped with an expanded list of interfaces: the ability to connect via optical, coaxial or AUX cable.
A separate low-frequency channel LFE for connecting to a subwoofer allows you to expand the acoustic capabilities of the system.
Additional USB connector (1A) for charging smartphones and mobile devices.

The tone controls are smooth, have no restrictions on the angle of rotation, and a convenient location (side panel of the active speaker).

Wireless remote control provides additional comfort in controlling the device.

The display in the lower part of the front panel of the active speaker informs about the volume level, the high and low frequencies when they are adjusted, and displays information about the selected sound source.
The LED indicator on the control panel indicates switching between sound sources.

To ensure a natural and balanced sound, the body is made of wood (MDF) - a material that responds minimally to sound and most effectively withstands climatic influences.
To increase the effective volume, minimize the overtones and damping sound vibrations, the internal space is filled with damping material.

Trapezoidal shape with a slope of the front panel not only gives the speakers a modern look, but also prevents the occurrence of unwanted resonances inside the case, provides the most directional sound to the listener.
A phase inverter can significantly lower the lower limit frequency of the AU and increase its sound pressure level at low frequencies.

Removable safety nets allow you to experiment with the appearance of the system and make caring for the columns more convenient.

SKU: W-91
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