About us

About our company

Company «FORT PRO» has been operating in Uzbekistan for almost 20 years. Beginning from the shipment of few PCs, we moved to implementing complex solutions for data network building. We are proud of our ability to ship any type of equipment and render projecting, installing, measuring and installing services of different difficulty levels.

At the current time, «FORT PRO» LLC is the leading systematic integrator in planning and constructing of data networks in Republic of Uzbekistan.

Up to now, our team has built several dozens of data networks, including:

  • Computer network based of optic-fiber connections in APO “Uzmetcom”, “Almaliq MMC” joint stock company, Ahangaran cement factory, Bekabad cement factory
  • Local computer network (LCN) for management buildings of SSC “Uzbekenergo” (with optic fiber supporting cable system)
  • Upgrading LCN of  PCSB “Orient finans bank’s” main office
  • Structured cable system (SCS) of “UzKDB Ban’s” and  POSB «InFinbank’s» main office
  • SCS of franchise network in АКБ “Kapitalbank” SB
  • SCS of franchise network in АКБ “InFinbank” SB
  • SCS of franchise network in АКБ “Trastbank” SB
  • Optic-fiber data network for “AKFA” group
  • Optic-fiber data network for “Artel” group
  • SCS of national cynological center

Apart from planning and constructing, “FORT PRO TECHNOLOGY” LLC also supplies materials and equipment needed in installation of optic fiber data network, produced by global leading companies, to the market of Uzbekistan, which makes it one of the biggest supplier of above-mentioned products in the country.


Constructing data network using our supplied products gives to our clients following advantages:

  • Access to the first hand products without additional cost
  • Period of constructing and prepayment terms can be modified, as there is no need to purchase equipment and materials from other companies
  • Possibility of ordering nonstandard equipment based on the client’s desire

Coming to October of 2005, “FORT PRO TECHNOLOGY” LLC opened the new market for itself, “Sale and serving servers and complex solutions for data storage system”. At the current time, the most popular configuration of renowned producers, like Fujitsu or Huawei, is available in our storages. Moreover, our team is always ready to offer the most optimal solutions based on the client’s request and desire.

Our goal is to provide business entities of the country with modern IT systems and optimizing our clients’ (their) activities.

We will be always glad to see you in the list of our partners!

Why us?

  • More than 20 years of operating experience in Uzbekistan
  • More than 30 professional employees
  • Responsiveness and efficiency

Our goal

  • Offer high quality service to every client
  • Long term partnership with companies
  • To offer services from our professional team, with huge experience in the field, in installing video surveillance and networking equipmet

Our advantage

  1. Modern equipment
  2. Materials and equipment are supplied from the first hands without additional cost
  3. Profitable collaboration
  4. Dates of work execution and prepayments may be optimized as there is no need to purchase equipment
  5. Client's comfort
  6. On the client's wish non-standard equipment may be supplied

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"Fort pro" is leading supplier of net equipment